Hazens Guanlanhui



Flagship Mix-Use Complex in the Longhua District, including an Urban Center of 1㎡ with more than 1,300 condominiums.

The complex includes multiple facets, including 490,000 ㎡ of luxury residences, 120,000 ㎡ of retail, 40,000 ㎡ of boutique apartments and 50,000 ㎡ of commercial offices in addition, a kindergarten and an elementary learning center are located on site.

Conveniently located above the Shenzhen Metro, this project was developed in three phases. Phase One features extremely high tech residences, Phase Two is a high rise suburban residential community and Phase Three consists of deluxe residences that compliment an inclusive urban life style. This project has become the new metropolitan center located between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.