The leading Retail Center built with an International Community of over 2,000 Condominiums and connected directly to the Shenzhen Metro.

A magnificent masterpiece of 330,000 ㎡, Hazens Huiyicheng is the first large-scale HOPSCA in Qianhai that integrates commerce, luxury apartments and residences. It includes 160,000 ㎡ for 2,067 suites and a flagship retail center of 80,000 ㎡. The exterior grounds include a 10,000 ㎡ Versailles garden and aquatic facilities.

The Hazens Huiyicheng has become the center landmark for the city of Qianhai. This project was developed with 100 Billion RMB in partnership with the Asian-Pacific Cities Group. This special “Center for Qianhai” was developed in cooperation between the cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong.